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"Thou shalt" and "thou shalt not" are easily ignored and soon forgotten, but "once upon a time" lasts forever.

                            Philip Pullman

Writing that's suspenseful, whimsical, uncanny



I've got one piece in each of these, but you also get other great writers, tales, and poems.

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 The predicament of a monster's gift in "Scylla's Proposition."

In "Three A.M. Challenge"  Social media collides with ancient magic.

Beware of bargaining with the fae. "Watching Till She Wake."

All violence has its rituals. "Ceremonies."

From the macabre minds of HWA Atlanta. "And Dark Confound Us Here."

All those colors, all that plastic sculpted into jagged plateaus slashed by wound-like valleys, blue rivers like arteries, branching out to find the ocean. The true face of the world, utterly unaware of people.

Alternative Holidays.jpeg

Let's teach Mom a lesson about magic.

particular passages.jpeg

Odell grinds his teeth. These bastard kids have found something! And now they’re about to take it out of here.

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I've taught school, directed plays, acted, and played music, but now I write full-time, seeking out pockets of chaos in the corners of the grid. I ride herd on a growing list of short stories, wrangling with a novel I'll complete later this year.

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HWA Atlanta

HWA Atlanta


 The Atlanta Chapter of the Horror Writers Association consists of local authors, editors, artists, and literary agents interested in horror and dark literature.


We host monthly meetings to support the professional development and growth of our members through networking, events, and workshops. Learn more about us here.


On the Southern Nightmares Reading Series, you can hear our members, including Stoker Award winners Jeff Strand and E.V. Knight.  Legendary guests like Linda Addison, Lee Murray, and Lucy Snyder drop in, too. Archives here.

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